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The Motern Media Infomercial Podcast

Nov 25, 2018

Great talk with Owen from Vermont.

Details on The Jake Cover Song Challenge here:


Nov 21, 2018

Listen to this great conversation with J.E.A. Wallace, the brilliant poet (and co-host of The After Movie Diner).

He has a new book that you must preorder now.  Here's the link:

I ordered a copy!  So should you!  Support...

Nov 18, 2018

An analysis of MO75 Vol. 2, which is REALLY GOOD.

Please listen to this album a lot.  Also, please preach to friends about the greatness of The Big Heist.

Nov 11, 2018

Scalzo and Farley discuss important topics during breaks from their emergency recording session for MO75 V2 and V3, which are shaping up to be very great.